South African Dream

The Kingdom of Swaziland, one of the few remaining absolute monarchies, is a unique place in the world: if you are not sure of being in Africa we will get confused and think that in some European pristine mountain area, traveling on the verge of two thousand meters above sea level amidst lush pine forests

This nation, great roughly like Tuscany, is located east of the Drakensberg Mountains and is bordered to the west by South Africa and on the east by Mozambique; not far from the largest national park, Kruger
Its name means "land of the Swazi," the population that still lives there; for many years it has been a British protectorate since the Swazi population sided with the British during the Boer War and after the British victory could enjoy the fruits advantage of great aid for economic development.

Noteworthy are the natural reserves as the Hlane Game Reserve, famous for the white rhino, the Malolotjia Nature Reserve and the Mlawula Nature Reserve where there are large animals and many species of birds also dangerous snakes like black mambas and spitting cobras.

Ideal for lovers of cycling and trekking, a wonderful destination for families who want to spend a few days in the mountains in nature, with the chance to see the amazing wildlife of Africa.

Lastly, the ancient tradition of the reed dance, or dance of the cane, which is celebrated in the capital on September 1 of each year and sees all the girls of marriageable age in the nation, which is symbolically offering to the king according to a traditional rite unchanged over the centuries