South African Dream
Guided tours in FARSI
A very relaxing way to visit the wonderful South Africa: a driver and a Farsi speaking guide to make you discover every small corner of this incredible country, rich in nature and cultural heritage.
So much to see – but limited time: Certainly you want to be sure to do it right! No matter if you do the planning of your trip yourself or hand it to a travel agent, your goal will be the same: Not to miss anything!
Booking a guided tour through South Africa can be a good way to guarantee you seeing the highlights in the most efficient way with the help of a tour guide’s local expertise.
Different Tours
Every tour is created differently, especially when it comes to a popular destination like South Africa. So please make sure to read about the different itineraries so you can be sure you see what you would like to see!
We have just created a simple example of tour but everything can be arranged, the guide can stay with you all over South Africa, so do not hesistate to contact us and to give us your itinerary, to tell us about your desires, we are ready to find the perfect solution for you.