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South African Dream

A self-drive holiday in South Africa is by far the most economical and popular way to experience this wonderful country; the roads are in good condition, driving is on the left and traffic is light and contrary to popular belief, thousands of visitors enjoy safe and trouble-free self-driving holidays in South Africa each year.

What are the benefits of a self-drive holiday?
From greater comfort and privacy to freedom and flexibility, we list the reasons why a self-drive holiday is a great idea.
  • One of the drawbacks of an organised tour is being shunted along with lots of other people to tourist attractions but then only having a limited amount of time to appreciate them, or spending time in the confined quarters of a coach, bus or train with people you have little or nothing in common with.
  • You decide the overall pace of the holiday.
  • With our prepaid reservations, you will not spend time and money to searching daily, the best accommodation solutions.
  • Our specialists would have driven the route and visited the accommodation sites previously, so you can rely on this first-hand knowledge. They even provide you with detailed notes of these trips, giving directions, distances and any other relevant information such as nearby sights of interest
  • It's all very easy -- as a free holiday but safe as an organized tour! We can arrange all aspects of your self-drive holiday, including domestic flights, accommodation and car rental
  • You will be "autonomous" but with our complete package of insurance (medical and legal coverage, car insurance and on-site assistance and a direct phone hot-line)
  • ON DEMAND PROGRAM: this page presents you with some proposed itinararies, but you can contact us and with our help organize your own personalised tailor-made trip!

South African Dream è l'unico tour operator italiano con sedi sia in Italia che nella Repubblica Sudafricana;
la nostra organizzazione offre assistenza alla creazione di programmi di viaggio self-drive in Sudafrica, intengrando il vostro programma in libertà con la possibilità di disporre di safari in 4x4 con ranger / guida italiana. Per maggiori informazioni in merito a programmi di viaggio fly/drive con assistenza itaiana clikka qui.