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Horseback Safari
Horseback Safari

Riding with the big Mammals!

Horseback riding in South Africa is a spectacular experience. Due to its remarkable assortment of landscapes, vegetation, climates, wildlife and human history, South Africa is often referred to as “a world in one country.”

The culturally diverse people have successfully transitioned their beautiful homeland into a politically stable and economically robust nation, making it an ideal place to experience Africa.
Our riding destinations there represent a cross section of the most attractive and enjoyable aspects of this fascinating country.

This includes a border crossing safari between South Africa and Botswana, maximizing your opportunities for game viewing.

Or you can choose instead to be based out of a comfortable and adventurous ranch, where the activities are virtually limitless - or a incredible trial in the Wild Coast.

Which ever option you settle on, the experience of South Africa by horseback is one that cannot be replicated.